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How to improve innovation in analgesic development: Poster presented at IASP virtual Meeting 2020.

IASP Virtual poster 2020 analgesic innov
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Increasing innovation within analgesic R&D is key to identify new treatment options for millions of pain patients.

I am delighted Analgesic Innovation's poster:

"Innovation in analgesic development is limited due to the bias for clinical trials to be conducted in conditions with existing regulatory approval."

is selected for presentation at the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Virtual Series 2020.

The poster is attached and can be downloaded with key conclusions below.

Looking forward to discussions with those attending the IASP event.

• These data highlight a previously under-recognised trend for the majority of pain clinical trials to be conducted in a limited number of clinical conditions which have an existing regulatory path to approval.

• The use of restricted clinical patient populations is likely a key factor for the extremely high attrition rate and lack of innovation in clinical development of analgesic drugs.

• Creating R&D that links the mechanistic research target to the most appropriate disease to develop more precision-analgesics™ can help greatly improve probability of R&D success and create improved solutions for patients.

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