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Our sensory pain system keeps us healthy and away from harm.

However, following disease or injury it can malfunction and 25% of us are left in chronic pain.
We can otherwise look healthy but are disabled with pain.

"The sensory system that protects us from harm can malfunction and cause Chronic Pain"


~1 in 4 people worldwide are suffering with chronic pain and in the U.S. alone this costing the economy over $600 billion annually. 
Chronic pain patients are waiting years just to be diagnosed and even then standard of care treatments only work in ~1 in 8 people.

It is estimated that up to 70% of chronic pain patients are women. However, most pain research is carried out in males and women wait years longer for a pain diagnosis.


"We need to create more awareness of the impact of chronic pain to help patients and to create more precision analgesics."


Helping patients & creating precision analgesics

By understanding the pain landscape is made up of over 100 different conditions we can reduce patients time to diagnosis and create more precision analgesics.

The Pain Paradox

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