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Following a novel analgesic from target ID to clinical trials

Only 2% of novel analgesics will make it through clinical development. Understanding the development process for an individual pain project can help inform the rest of the field to improve the chances of success.

In this article in press in PAIN Maree Smith gives an overview of the development for EMA401, a peripherally restricted, highly selective, orally active, small-molecule AT2 receptor antagonist.

Smith, Maree T.. Nonopioid analgesics discovery and the Valley of Death: EMA401 from concept to clinical trial. PAIN: August 11, 2022

A range of key issues are identified impeding the translation of promising preclinical efficacy data to successful clinical trials in patients suffering from various chronic pain conditions.

Time spent linking target to disease and identifying the most suitable patient group for clinical trials can have a huge impact in developing Personalized Analgesics®.

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