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The Pain Crisis


1 in 4

7 years


1 in 8

~1 in 4 people worldwide are suffering with chronic pain. It is the leading cause of disease burden in the World!

In the U.S. alone this is costing the economy over $600 billion annually.

 Chronic pain patients are often waiting over 7 years just to be diagnosed

Even then standard of care treatments only work in ~1 in 8 people.

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The pain paradox


Creating more awareness about PAIN. Introducing the pain paradox, the impact of pain & creating awareness there are over 100 different pain conditions to reduce patients time to diagnosis.

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Analgesic Development


Pain analgesic research is littered with many failures. Learn how to increase the chances of success to find new precision-analgesic™ innovations to help the many patients waiting for pain relief.

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Video Channel


Explore the video channel to find short informative introductions to different aspects of pain. From the impact on patients and gender bias to developing precision analgesics.


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